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  Tandem flights with Advanced instructors, lessons & equipment sale

Some of the best Paragliding sites in the world with some of the best pilots in the world!

No experience necessary, KIDS welcomed! Come on Grandma, you can do it!

30 Years,  25,000 tandem flights with Perfect Safety Record!

Paragliding & Paramotor tandem flights + Lessons
 The only school in Malibu California


Amazingly easy and

safe for all

Sit back and relax until you land softly on a sandy beach!

Paramotor paragliding  school dealer manufacturer Paraglider Los angeles california

We offer guiding trips to Europe and Costa Rica!

Paramotor paragliding  school dealer manufacturer Paraglider Los angeles california

We are the only paragliding company in Malibu!

BOOK with us directly to save time and money!  We have over 30 years of experience


We have as many as 12 sites all in Malibu and we offer a wide variety of services including Paragliding & Paramotor tandem rides, lessons, aerial photos / video and  Certified products. We also design & manufacture the most innovative Paramotors             The  SYNERGY



With instructor from up to 3000' mountain site and soar like birds up to 5000'  $200 for up to 30 minute in flight!  Save $20 by driving up the hill with your own car! Otherwise the total is $220 per person. Must weigh less than 260 lb..... Perfect safety record!  $3% more if paid by CC.


PARAMOTOR TANDEM FLIGHTS             (May to October)
From the beach with a powerful, quiet  and light paramotor to reach altitudes of up to  1000 feet above sea level and land softly on a sandy beach
$200 for 30 minutes. If you wish to fly longer or shorter +/- $20 per extra 5 minutes. Must weigh less than 200 lb. $3% more if paid by CC


In flight VIDEO available for $40



Learn the basics and fly on your own safely on your first day!    $240 for 4 hours. Add $60 per additional hour. Certification also available (price vary based upon how fast you can learn). You will fly on your first day but safely low to the ground. You will learn so much more with us because of the variety of sites we fly from. See VIDEO page for more... A 3% charge is added if paid by CC.




A perfect gift for the holidays or Birthday... year round!

A tandem ride or lesson WITHOUT EXPIRATION DATE!!





Only 15 minute drive from Santa Monica!

Free street Parking close to 22125 Pacific Coast Highway Malibu CA 90265... walk or park and wait in car by the coastal access where we land on the beach. Expect traffic on weekends... Please be punctual or your flight can be shortened if late.               .


(Good shoes and water recommended...please fill this form)

Cancellation policy: We ask for a Credit Card# to reserve and it will be charged for the total amount for no show or late show of more than 30 minutes unless the¬†weather prevents safe flight.   Zero refund when cancel within 24hours. 50% between 24 and 48 hours.



30 years of Paragliding with perfect safety record! Paragliding World championship participation, Stunt man, Engineering degree, design and manufacture SYNERGY Paramotors, over 20,000 tandem flights, Hanggliding rated H4, Whitewater Kayaking instructor and club director, Advanced skier, mountain biker, similar Paragliding/Paramotor operation in Costa Rica and Expert Witness. I also designed a towing release system that never failed and recently completed the 2nd Samsung and Hilton hotels commercials. You probably saw me on ESPN many times!


Also notice a few of our customers to the right... Ewan McGregor, David Adams (the Edge of U2) and Bear Grylis...